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SEVI Servant is a big home robot. The robot has two Arduino Mega and one small Atmega. The eyes are made with Adafruit Hallowing M0 circuits. There are different emotions in the eyes.

SEVI robot can navigate and move around at home. The robot has five Ultrasonic Sensors and three laser radars and one mangnetometer. SEVI has also multiple sensors such as temperature, lightness, sound intensity, PIR, humidity, haze and smoke.

SEVI monitors the home, makes alerts, issues reminders, and more. SEVI also has a camera that lets you observe what's happening in your home. Soon, SEVI will also be able to control the electrical equipment of the house wirelessly.

The SEVI weighs 16 pounds and the robot has three powerful batteries. Battery life is over 12 hours. The robot can be controlled via SMS commands and the keyboard.

You can store a variety of scripts on a two SD memory cards such as server commands, alerts, maintenance time, navigation map etc. In addition to these, speech is stored on your own memory card. The robot speaks well. Several hundred sentences have been stored in its memory.

SEVI home robot functionality:

- Intelligent navigation with laser and ultrasonic sensors and a magnetometer
- 16GB of external memory for speech
- 16GB external memory for arms 12 servo movements and externals scripts
- 16GB external memory for navigation map and other information
- Be able to control the battery status and charge itself automatically. The charging station is under construction.
- Text messaging and a large SMS interface
- Advanced guarding mode with long-range PIR radar
- Light and sound sensor
- Two human-looking electronic eye
- Goes to the requested room and displays a live image on the smartphone
- Can be put on and off in the home telecommunications
- Makes morning wakes and other reminders
- Monitor house temperature and humidity
- Makes fire and smoke alerts
- Sends a message when a family member comes home
- Alarm and self-defense siren

YouTube videos of the SEVI Servant:
The SEVI robot brief introduction
- The SEVI Servant Navigation unit Finnish Technical Overview
- The SEVI Servant servo routins Finnish Technical Overview

SEVI home robot circuit diagrams and wiring diagrams
SEVI Logic Circuit
- SEVI Navigation Circuit
- SEVI Main Power Circuit
- SEVI Logic Circuit PCB
- SEVI Navigation Circuit PCB

SEVI home robot software
- The SEVI Servant robot Logic Unit software (Arduino Mega 2560 v3)
- The SEVI Servant robot Navigation software (Arduino Mega 2560 v3)
- The SEVI Servant robot charge software (Arduino Nano ATmega328)
- The SEVI Servant robot eye software (Adafruit Hallowing M0)